Reserved Grand Champion

The first time that we went to Jakey In June in 2013, our lives changed. We met the creator of the smoker we were pretty sure we were going to buy, met the friendliest competitors, and several of them even let us look around at their equipment, set ups, and sites. We did buy a Rebel Smoker and it was picked up the very next week!

Jakey In June is the areas most prestigious competition and it is near and dear to our hearts because it is where we fell in love with the sport of competition BBQ. The event is invite only and I am very proud to say that we got to cook it this year! I cannot explain the excitement Brian had when he got the call, the cliche of kid in a candy store doesn’t even begin to describe how happy he was. Fast forward 2 months from that call and we are turning in our first ever chef’s choice category, dessert, and getting ready to for the main event: chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket.

After all the turn ins, there is plenty of time to sit, discuss and wait…and wait…and wait, while the judges calculate all the scores. Awards roll around at 3pm and this happened…

Chef’s Choice – 3rd
Dessert – no call
Chicken – 1st
Ribs – 9th
Pork – 7th
Brisket – no call (we ended up 11th)
Reserved Grand Champion…Oak Street BBQ Co.

What?!?!?! We just had our best ever finish at the areas most prestigious contest and the place that we fell in love with competition BBQ!

Here is Ben’s chef’s choice turn in: Chicken & Waffles

3rd place chef's choice.
3rd place chef’s choice.

Dessert was a chocolate brownie pudding and it didn’t get a call but it was delicious!  Nice and crisp on the top and like an under cooked brownie on the inside.  I used Ina Garten’s recipe as my base and made a few slight modifications.


Our chicken turn in…


Accepting the Reserved Grand Champion trophy. (Ben and Brian are in the black tshirt)


If you want to see more pictures, follow us on Facebook: Oak Street BBQ Co.


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