Oak Street BBQ…

It all started with a guy, a smoker, and a pork butt.  Four years ago, Brian started cooking on a propane smoker in our backyard and has been hooked ever since.  In order to learn the ins and out of true bbq (yes, true slow cooked, smokey bbq) we’ve completed submerged ourselves in the bbq phenomenon that is taking over the St. Louis area.  We started a BBQ team and have won awards.  Actual awards, for our food…we are shocked every time.  It’s an awesome feeling, we hang out and learn from some of the best bbq cooks ever, and we have fun doing it.

We’ve started this blog to share our adventures & misadventures in the bbq life.  Like our first turn for competition brisket.  Has a good smoke ring but that was really the best thing about it!  No burnt ends, the greens are messy and it tasted more like roast beef than bbq!

Brisket turn in


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